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Your Trusted Skin Care Partner for almost 40 years

We have spent the last 40 years creating and perfecting, over 150 Professional Products, allowing you the flexibility to create unique and signature services, only limited  by  your  imagination. All of our products are used daily in our Los Angeles Flagship Skin Care Spa (the largest Skin Care Salon in LA, since 1982).

We use the best ingredients available in the world, so that you and your clients will love our products and ask for more. Our Professional Backbar Products are created with Pharmaceutical Purity Grade ingredients, giving you confidence when using them in all your services.

We manufacture our products ourselves. You may be surprised, but many lines are not manufactured by the brands that sell them. By manufacturing everything in our own facilities, we control and ensure quality, every step of the way. 

We  keep our  packaging  simple (environmentally friendly) and we don't  spend  a  lot  on marketing (great products sell themselves). Since we produce, package and distribute our products ourselves, we can provide  them to you at far lower prices than you  are  currently  paying.

All of our products are created, produced, stored, and shipped directly from our Los Angeles Facilites, as they have been since 1979, allowing us to always keep our products in stock for you. As your company grows, we have lots of bulk and custom purchasing options for you to choose from. 


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Custom filling

We stock over 150 different professional skin care products in

retail, backbar 

or BULK sizes

Purchase our products in completely unprinted 

pre-filled containers 

Already pre-packed in large size containers or drums, and awaiting to be filled in your own containers with your own brand name

Custom filling your product into your jars or ours. 


This option is often chosen together with option 3

Payments:  credit card, paypal, (for ups c.o.d. - please call)


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