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Over 150 European quality stock formulations in 

BULK SIZES for repacking into your own containers and distributing in beauty related enterprises, exporting to foreign countries, or selling online. We provide the product, you fill it into your own containers. (To have us do it for you, see OPTION 4.) 

Bulk Option: Bulk product size options range from one pound (452 grams)  to 50 US Gallons (approx. 200 kilograms). This option for private labeling involves purchasing stock formula products in professional and bulk sizes. Once purchased in bulk, further dispensing of the product into your independently purchased and printed containers, advertising your brand name on the front, is required. Purchasing containers and filling them is not included in this Option. In addition, we require that you use your own product names (not our stock product names) when using this option. All bulk orders must be prepaid (FOB Los Angeles). There are no other terms of payment offered on bulk orders. We do not accept letters of credit. For your convenience,  we continuously stock all of our bulk stock products. Therefore, uninterrupted product availability is assured.

This bulk method allows significant cost savings. In addition, you can keep a ready supply and conveniently fill containers as demand dictates.


Quantity Discounts for BULK Sizes:

This pricing chart is based on the price of 1 gallon of any stock item.


Gallons           Discount Rate    Price Formula

(us, liquid)

   2- 4                    5%                1 Gal Price x 0.950

   5- 9                 7.5%                1 Gal Price x 0.925

10-14                 10%                 1 Gal Price x 0.900

15-19                 15%                 1 Gal Price x 0.850

20-24                 20%                 1 Gal Price x 0.800

25-29                 25%                 1 Gal Price x 0.750

Over 29 Gal. Ask for Quotes  1-800-525-7292

Customization: If you order 500 US Gallons or more of a particular product, we can adjust the color and fragrance of the products according to your specifications.

Large Volume Orders: Bulk orders in quantities over 50 US Gal equal about 200 kg. With goals of future high volume, production and mass distribution should be approved in advance with our production capabilities and delivery schedules before making an order. Please contact us at to discuss large volume orders. Your first order requires no minimum of any kind, and there is no special requirement for an opening order.

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