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  • Where are your products made?
    We proudly make all of our products in Los Angeles, California and have since 1979. Our manufacturing facilities, headquarters, and flagship skin care spa are all located within a few miles of each other. This allows us to maintain our superior standards of quality control over production, packaging, and shipping. This also allows us to support our local community. Made in Los Angeles, Raya products are sold throughout the United States and all around the globe. Go to our TOUR page to view our production facility and our spa.
  • Where can I find your pricelist?
    You can find a link to our pricelist in the right hand corner of the website header. In order to access all of our pricing, you must first open an account. To open an account, go to the "GET STARTED" button on the top header navigation menu. You can also open an account by calling customer services at 1-800-525-7292 or emailing us at
  • Do you test on animals?
    We are cruelty free. We DO NOT test on Animals.
  • What is the expiration date for my product?
    Our products have a shelf life of 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • Can I order samples?
    Yes! We have an extensive sampling program. If you are a new account, you can request ourtrial sample kit here or if you are an existing client you can purchase our full size individual products grouped into our discounted sample kits. Also know that your first order has no minimum, so you are welcome to purchase just a few products to start. In addition, we often include product samples in orders (specific free sample can not be requested and all samples limited to availablility).
  • How can I open an account?
    To open an account, you must be a skin care professional. Our professional stock products are created for skin care professionals. You can request to open an account by clicking on "GET STARTED" . Please fill out the form and attach the following items. 1) a copy of your professional license (Cosmetologist or Esthetician or Physician, etc.) 2) a copy of your business license (Salon or Spa or Cosmetology school, etc.) 3) a copy of your sellers permit (if asking to waive sales tax in California) Once we have verified the items above, it typically takes 1- 5 business days to be approved. Once approved you will be able to place your product order online and access our pdf pricelist.
  • What is the best way to start working with your products?
    1) Create an account here 2) Order Samples - you can start with our free trial size samples, or if you are ready to test our products in real world use, order one of our discounted sample kits - for new accounts. They have been created to give you a an extensive opportunity to try out our quality and variety. Our free sample kits are only available for new accounts. Our discounted sample kits are only offered to new accounts with your first order. 3) All of our products are available for your Back Bar. With over 150 different products in stock, we are confident you will find ones that compliment your current services or inspire you to create new signature treatments. Open an account and browse our Back Bar. 4) Learn how to apply our product by visiting our Education Video Gallery If you have questions you can contact us at 1-800-525-7292 or
  • Do you have order minimums?
    Your first order requires no minimum. Subsequent orders must meet a $250.00 (before tax and shipping) minimum. Stock Retail items must be purchased in multiples of 3 ( example : 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc.) Stock Professional size products (16 oz size) do not have quantity minimums. unprinted products have a 24 piece minimum, and must be purchased in multiples of 24 (24, 48, 72, 96, etc.) Detailed Ordering, Product and Delivery FAQ Link
  • Do we offer promotions or discounts?
    When purchasing a dozen of the same retail size product, you will recieve 1 additional complimentary piece of that same product. (buy 12, get 1 free) When purchasing 6 of the same 16 oz size product, you will recieve 1 additional complimentary piece of that same product. (buy 6, get 1 free)
  • Oops, I forgot to add a product to my order!"
    If your order has not yet shipped, we can still add products to your order. If your order has already shipped, subsequent orders must meet the $250.00 minimum.
  • What are the minimums for completely unprinted products?
    We require a 24 piece minimum of any one product to purchase that product in unprinted jars. When you buy 12 pieces of one size retail product you receive 1 free (buy 12, get 1 free) When you buy 6 pieces of one professional size product, you recieve 1 free (buy 6, get 1 free) * The FDA regulates cosmetic labeling. You are required to follow the FDA's requirements for labeling cosmetics. Here is a link to the FDA's Regulatory Requirments. If you plan to sell your product abroad, you should make sure to follow the cosmetic labeling requirements of that country.
  • Is there anything I should know about International Orders?
    There is a $500.00 minimum for International orders. International orders must be prepaid. Foreign countries typically have extensive, and frequently changing, customs regulations and compliance requirments. Please make sure that you are informed of the up-to-date customs regulations and compliance for the country you are exporting to. Please confirm that the products you are ordering conform to such regulations in the foreign country, before placing your order. Also please be aware that you are responsible for all documentation, duties, registrations and taxes required for the foreign country. The foreign embassy may be of assistance, or you may contact the regulatory agencies in that country directly. This link may be helpful info for exporters.
  • It's my first order and I want to try just 1 of a retail product, how can I order it?"
    If this is your first order and you want to try 1 item of any product, simply give us a call at 1-800-525-7292 to place your first order. Subsequent orders will require retail size items to be ordered in quantities of 3. You can place all subsequent orders online.
  • Can I place orders if I am not a licensed professional?
    Yes. Although, only licensed professionals (Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Doctors, or MedSpas) can purchase stock printed wholesale products, we provide a seperate Professional Distributors Portal (Pro-Portal) for Bulk (large size and/or quantity) and Unprinted products. You will be required to provide a copy of your business or export license. To apply for access to the Pro-Portal, fill out the online application form and choose PROFESSIONAL DISTRIBUTOR as your category.You will be required to provide a copy of your business or export license and later answer a few questions. This type of account has a $250.00 minimum order. Retail size products must be ordered in quantities of 24 (24,48,72, etc.). Larger sizes do not have quantity minimums. All items will arrive unprinted. You are required to label your products either by applying a label or by filling the product into pre-printed or pre-labeled containers. The product labels/printing must following FDA labeling requirements. You may not use the product names, numbers or descriptions, found on our website, for the corresponding products. In addition, you may not use or reference the RAYA brand name on your products or in your marketing materials.
  • What shipping services do you use?
    Depending on the size of your order, it will be shipped through either USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Most orders will be shipped by UPS GROUND, unless otherwise specified. To expedite your order you can also choose Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, & 3 Day Select at an additional cost. Most orders will ship within 3-5 business days. Custom orders require additional time. All orders are F.O.B. Los Angeles, California, USA. International clients often provide us with a freight carrier of their choice.
  • Can I use my own Shipper?
    Yes, choose PICKUP at checkout, and email us: at include the following: Carrier information Customer Number Invoice Number Once your order is prepared, we will provide you with the order dimensions and weight, so you can make final arrangements for pickup with your carrier. pickup times are 8:30 am - 4:00 pm (Monday-Friday) Raya 12550 Saticoy St. South North Hollywood, Ca 91605
  • What if I missed my package?
    It is important that you or a representative is available to accept your package. If an order is refused or no one is there to accept it, you will be charged for the shipping and a 25% restocking fee will apply. Future orders will only be shipped after your account is made current.
  • What if my order has a missing or damaged item?
    We take great care to ensure that your order is correct. Each order is triple checked for accuracy. In the unlikely event that you should receive a package that has a missing, incorrect, or damaged item, make sure to notify us within 48 hours of delivery to qualify for replacement. Take a picture of the damaged or incorrect item and email us your picture and invoice number to
  • What if my package has been damaged in transit?
    If there is damage to your merchandise when you unpack your order, follow these instructions: 1. Save the original carton and all packaging material. 2. Call UPS (or other carrier), and inform them of your damaged shipment. They will send a representative to inspect your package. 3. Call us at 1-800-525-7292 or email us at, and we will begin to process your claim. We can not replace damaged merchandise if a claim has not been placed with UPS (or other carrier).
  • What size labels do I need?
    When you purchase from our stock products (over 120 different products to choose from), the items will arrive pre-printed with the name of the product & size on the front of the jar/bottle and the ingredient list & instructions on the back of the jar/bottle. There is a designated area on the front of each jar/bottle for your label. The size of your label is determined by the size of your logo/text and the designated area of your particular chosen product. Here are some rough guideline measurements of the designated label areas on different size products. These are for illustation only, you will need to determine the size of label that works best for your brand.
  • Are there any legal requirments for repackaging cosmetics?
    Yes. The US Food and Drug Administration regulates cosmetic labeling. It is important that you follow the FDA's requirements for labeling cosmetics. Here is a link to the FDA's Regulatory Requirements for Labeling Cosmetics in the US. COSMETIC LABELING RULES. If you plan to sell your product abroad, you should make sure that you follow the cosmetic labeling requirements of that country.
  • Can you help me with printing labels?
    We silkscreen on jars or bottles, in custom quantities, but we do not print or apply labels to packaging. Here are a few links that you may find useful. printer article
  • What is your return policy?
    We accept exchanges or returns for product purchases and will issue a full refund upon receiving your items within 7 days (1 week) of the Delivery date. All returns must be pre-approved by our customer service team. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Please follow these return instructions: Items must be in their original containers and mostly full. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-525-7292 to obtain an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization Number). Make sure to put your RMA# on the original purchase invoice and place into the return package. Mail your package to : Raya Returns 12550 Saticoy St. South North Hollywood, Ca 91605
  • What payment terms do you accept?
    Online orders are paid with Credit Card at checkout. In addition, you are able to place your order via COD (check on delivery) with UPS delivery of your order.
  • What happens if my check is returned?
    In the event your check is returned for any reason, you will be charged $30. Future orders will not be shipped until your account is made current. In addition, we will only be able to accept future orders with Credit Card payment or prepaid.
  • Do you offer different packaging?
    Almost all of the packaging that we use is manufactured and stocked in the USA. This supports our community, makes sure our products are BPA free, and ensures that we are always able to keep our products in stock for you. White caps and pumps come standard with our packaging. You are able to purchase black caps ($0.25/ea) and black pumps ($0.75/ea), if you prefer. If you purchase our products in larger bulk quantities, such as 55 gallon drums, we can fill packaging that you provide. The cost of this service depends on the quantities and type of packaging. If you have questions about custom quantities, give us a call at 1-800-525-7292 or email us at
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