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Volcanic Mud Masque

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Volcanic Mud Masque is a high performance treatment for dull and tired skin of all types. It draws out impurities as it cleanses and renews firmness and elasticity to the skin's surface. Pure Volcanic Mud is stimulating and detoxifying and provides an antiseptic effect. Kaolin and Fullers Earth Clays help absorb oils from the skin, tighten pores, refine skin texture, and calm irritations. Natural Sage and Eucalyptus Oils help stimulate circulation, as well as refresh, cool and soothe the skin. Zinc Oxide helps normalize and protect the skin’s pH and oil balance. Glycerin helps protect from moisture loss. Aloe Vera and Allantoin offer soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Volcanic Mud Masque dissolves excess oil, gives a cool refreshing sensation to the skin, helps removes surface dead cell build-up, impurities and pore blockage, promotes anti-bacterial activity, and has a refreshing, mild, and natural Sage and Eucalyptus aromatherapy effect.

Directions: Spread a small amount over the entire face, avoiding the eye area. For dry skin, leave on for five minutes. For oily and blemished skin, leave on for 15minutes. Remove with tepid water. Use two to three times weekly.

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