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Oily Skin with Some Breakouts

at-home regimen guide


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Ultra-Light Seaweed Cream – A light, moisturizing day cream. Helps improve oxygenation. Detoxifies, stimulates, and hydrates the skin. Helps keep skin hydrated, while controlling oil overproduction, refining pores, soothing irritation, fighting blemishes, softening the skin, and improving texture.
Vitanol - A – Softens and smooths. Helps boosts the skins ability to repair damage and look naturally younger and healthier.
Eucalyptus Astringent – A pH-balancing facial astringent that helps fight bacteria, reduce oil secretion, and dry up blemishes. Accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells.
Camphor Soufflé – A powerful, pH-balanced facial cleanser that removes surface dead cell build-up, impurities, and pore blockages. Promotes anti-bacterial activity and a clear, smooth complexion.


R-511-1 Skin Refining Concentrate Final.


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Spot Treatment

Bio-Drying Lotion – Helps dry up blemishes, reduce tissue redness and irritation, and prevent growth of the blemish. Perfect over-night spot treatment for aggravated white heads.
Enzyme Peeling Cream – A gentle, exfoliating cream for removing dead skin cells. Cleanses, polishes, and moisturizes the skin. Has a non-greasy, emollient cream based formula. 
Bio-Drying Masque –  An anti-microbial treatment masque. Helps tighten pores, improve blood circulation, and dry up existing blemishes. Helps balance the skin's pH and reduce oiliness and inflammations.
Skin Refining Concentrate – Helps enhance the skin's own shedding cycle to visibly improve texture, help reduce pore size, calm irritation, and soften fine lines. Calms over-reactive skin and protects from future damage. 
2 x weekly
2 x weekly
as needed

Eye Cream

Mircrosilk - C – An under-eye micro-emulsion cream with multi-vitamins and peptides. Designed to revive, calm, tone, and brighten tired-looking delicate tissue around the eye area. Helps calm inflammation.
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