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Camphor Astringent (204)

Camphor Astringent is an effective astringent and toner for blemished and oily skin. It fights bacteria, reduces sebaceous gland secretion, and helps dry up blemishes. Aloe Vera Gel, Lemon Juice, Hops, Arnica Extract, and Horsetail Extract refine, tone, tighten, and protect the skin’s pH and oil balance, while Amino Acid Complex provides hydration. Chlorophyll and Azulene possess soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Lactic and Salicylic Acids help gently exfoliate and restore pH balance. Yeast Extract helps control excessive oil gland activity. Camphor, Balsam Peru, and Eucalyptus refresh, cool and soothe the skin. Use several times daily.

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