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308-2 Lemon Water Gel Cream FInal.jpg
Lemon Water Gel Cream (308)

Lemon Water Gel Cream is a highly-concentrated, anti-aging, moisture-binding, and skin-repairing gel cream to serum that makes the skin feel soft, light, hydrated, and velvety. It absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish. When used before applying makeup, this product helps achieve an even application. It contains Hyaluronic Acid micro-spheres to help re-plump and “fill in" wrinkles, resulting in a smoother skin appearance. Multi-Peptides and organic herbal extracts help promote a radiant and youthful complexion. Pure Ginseng Extract provides anti-fatigue properties. Lemon Water Gel Cream is formulated with a light, refreshing natural scent. It is recommended for all non-problem skin types.

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