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SKU#.  Product Name
101 Camphor Soufflé
101-8 Camphor Soufflé
102 Mint Soufflé
102-8 Mint Soufflé
104 Gentle Cleansing Gel
105 Eye make-up Remover
106 Almond-Honey Scrub
107 Micro-Dermabrasion Cream
109 Enzyme Peeling cream
110 Herbal Peeling Gel
R-114 Silky Cleanser
115 Instant Oxygen Skin Revival Masque
R-125 Bamboo Scrub
120 Pineapple Enzyme Scrub
127 Pumpkin Cleansing Puree
150 Azulen Cleansing Milk
152 Chamomile Cleansing Milk
SKU#.  Product Name
202 Aloe-Cucumber Astringent
203 Menthol Astringent
204 Camphor Astringent
SKU#.  Product Name
300 Vitamin B Day Cream
301 Azulen Day Cream
302 Collagen Day Cream
303 Bio-Hydrating Cream
304 Ultra-Light Seaweed Day Cream
305 Vitaplex-C (Revitalizing Cream)
307 Revitalizing Cream with Live Yeast
321 Fading Cream
322 Fading Gel
323 Aloe Vera and Herb Soothing Gel
320A Sun Protective Cream SPF=15
320B Sun Protective Cream SPF=30
SKU#.  Product Name
401 Collagen-Elastin Cream
402 Placental Cream
403 Bio-Effective Cream
407 MicroSilk-C (Vit. C under eye crm.)
408 Under Eye and Neck Cream
SKU#.  Product Name
501 Vitanol-A
502 HA + Collagen Serum
503 Vitamin-C Serum
505 Fruit Enzyme Serum
507 Line Preventing Serum
509 Vital Silk-C Serum
510 24 Karat Gold Anti-Aging Suspension
517 Brightening Serum
SKU#.  Product Name
600 Skin Recovery Masque
601 Natural Lecithin Masque
602 Azulen Soothing Masque
603 Mint Masque
604 Collagen Treatment Masque
605 Volcanic Mud Masque
606 Placental Nourishing Masque
607 Chlorophyll Tightening Masque
608 Cucumber Ice Sorbet Masque
609 Seaweed Fortifying Masque
611 Mediterranean Mud Masque
650 Disinfecting & Bleaching Masque
651 Phytozyme Exfoliating Masque
653 Oxygen Treatment Masque
655 Pure Algae Seaweed Masque
657 Lifting Masque (in two parts)
671 Azulen-Paraffin Masque (Elastic)
677 Hydro-Magnetic Mud
SKU#.  Product Name
701 Bio-Drying Lotion
702 Bio-Soothing Cream (green)
703 Blemish Control Gel
705 Blemish Control Lotion (Astringent)
707 Blemish Control Tar (black)
708 Bio-Sulfur Mask
709 Blemish Control Masque
710 Bio-Drying Masque
790 Massage Gel for Oily Skin(oil-free)
SKU#.  Product Name
G-103 Glycolic Mud Cleanser
G-107 Active Cleansing Gel with AHA & BHA
G-154 Multi-Fruit AHA Cleansing Milk
G-205 Ginseng Astringent Toner
G-206 Calendula Astringent Toner
G-207 Eucalyptus Astringent Toner
G-322 Alpha-Quinone Liquid Cream
G-323 Multi-Fruit Day Cream
G-325 Glycolic Treatment Cream X-10
G-327 Glycolic Treatment Cream X-30
G-329 Glycolic Treatment Cream X-50
G-330 Glycolic Treatment Gel GX-50
G-331 Glycolic Bio-Rectif. Exfoliator X-70
G-332 Glycolic Bio-Rectif. Exfoliator X-80
G-334 Multi-Fruit AHA Serum
G-611 Glycolic Exfoliating Masque
G-712 Bio-Treatment Masque with AHA
SKU#.  Product Name
S-101 Purifying Body Cleanser
S-102 Body Hydrating Milk
S-103 Exfoliating Body Scrub
S-104 Hydrating Body Scrub
S-105 Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil
S-106 Conditioning Seaweed Masque
S-107 Mineral Earth Body Masque
S-108 Eucalyptus Body Soak
S-109 Body Massage Gel
S-110 Body Massage Cream
S-112 Body Nourishing Cream
S-117 Body Butter
S-501 Calming Mint Gel
S-515 Seaweed Powder for Body Wrap
S-521 Dead Sea Salt with Algae


Black Currant Berry Body Cream
S-523 Green Tea & Honey Body Cream
108 Aroma Bath & Shower Gel
451 Azulen Hand and Body Oil
G-333 Glycolic Hand and Body Lotion
SKU#.  Product Name
801 Azulen Wax (green) 16 oz
802 Honey Wax (amber)16 oz
820 Magic Wax Cleanser (Floors)
822 Wooden Spatulas (500 pc)
SKU#.  Product Name
SPL-103 Cotton Rolls (Case of 25)
SPL-104 Multi-Vitamin Oxygen Activator
Professional High Quality Skin Care Products
for Skin Care Salons, Day Spas, Medical Spas,
Professional Estheticians, and for Export
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Private Label from stock
(retail, professional and bulk sizes)
Experience and Compare RAYA's Unique Quality at Excellent Prices
Our prices have not changed since 2007
and currently will remain unchanged.
Raya Taver immigrated from Russia and began in Los Angeles in 1979 as a licensed esthetician trying to find an affordable skin care line for her one room operation. When she approached the established skin care lines with their prohibitive sales policies, inflated prices, and high minimums she decided to start her own professional highest quality and affordable skin care product line.
As time passed, her small skin care line evolved into a state-of-the-art, 100,000 sq. ft. (10,000 sq. m) cosmetic research, development and manufacturing facility in North Hollywood (Los Angeles), California, now known worldwide as RAYA Laboratories, Inc. (www.rayalab.com), with over 200 high quality products available from stock for immediate delivery. All RAYA products, containers, and packaging are 100% made in Los Angeles (to avoid any interruptions, import restrictions and time delay in delivery, unscheduled price increases).
In addition, her one room facial salon became Raya Day Spa, one of the largest 3 story (12,000 ft sq.-1,200 sq.m) and most successful and affordable Day Spa's in Beverly Hills/ Los Angeles area (www.rayaspa.com)
Time-proven highest quality (get samples and compare),
Low prices (advantage to purchase direct from the manufacturer),
No first-order minimum,
Large selection with immediate shipping from stock,
Effective professional formulas,
Excellent technical support,
Sample packs and complimentary samples
Raya for 30 years has been loyally dedicated to supporting thousands of skin care professionals in their journey towards creating a profitable, reliable and manageable business, many of whom from humble beginnings have grown into very successful full service salons and spas, and are using and retailing Raya's Product to remain successful and profitable in the very competitive and ever changing skin care industry.
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Facts about RAYA® Private Label at-a-glance:
Why Private Label?
Compare Quality and Prices
Factory Direct Distribution
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Constant Evaluation of Product Performance
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RAYA Laboratories, Inc.
Worldwide Leader in Manufacturing of Highest Quality Personal Care and Skin care Products
Surrender to Apparent Benefits
Purchase Factory Direct
RAYA Laboratories, Inc. (founded in1982) is a Los Angeles based and California Registered Corporation uses US and worldwide Registered trade names: RAYA®,  Spa International®   Euroline®

Raya® believes that manufacturing in America is the strength of our future, and our new state of the art 100,000 ft. sq.(10,000 sq m.) plant is proof of significant manufacturing capacity, global commercial scale and a committed focus on quality and customer service.

100% Made in USA
with worldwide compatible and affordable wholesale prices
Ready for shipment
Constant Evaluation of Product Performance
RAYA Laboratories, Inc. supplies its products (only under private label or bulk) to thousands of skin care salons, spas, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons worldwide. Their continued use and enthusiastic recommendations to their customers over the decades attests to the superior quality and consistent performance of RAYA® professional private label line of skin care products.
In order to assess the products performance in a true retail environment, RAYA Laboratories, Inc. for last 32 years conducts, in its own RAYA European Day Spa, continuous panel studies on product efficacy and client / product satisfaction. 22 experienced estheticians in RAYA Day Spa continuously use these products under RAYA brand name during the facials and recommend to the spa customers as a daily regimen. So each product in the line get complete and guarantied professional and customer satisfaction.
RAYA Day Spa (www.rayaspa.com) is 3 story (12,000 sq. ft. -1,200 sq. m.) modern spa facility (built and maintained by RAYA Laboratories, Inc.) located in the heart of Beverly Hills / West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. This one of the finest Day Spa in the country for over 32 years is using only and exclusively RAYA® products line (in facial rooms and retail) the identically same products (from the same batches) RAYA Laboratories, Inc. distributes (in bulk and retail sizes) to wholesale customers factory direct under private label only.
Distributed Factory Direct
Exclusively to Salons, Spas, Physicians, Licensed Aestheticians,
Cosmetology/ Esthetics Schools and for Export
in retail sizes, professional sizes, and bulk.
Make a Qualified Choice
Is the professional brand-name product line that you are currently promoting and selling in your salon, now easily available to your customers on the Internet, or in a Beauty Supply Store near you (possibly at a better price than you can offer)..
Are you and your customers satisfied with the quality and efficacy of the professional products and supplies being used and sold in your Salon or Spa..? ... have you asked for our free samples Program and compared our Famous European Quality..?
Are the prices that you are now paying for professional skin care products and supplies attractive and profitable to you..? ...have you done your homework and compared them with our impressive prices ..?
4. Are you aware that some manufacturers and distributors of the well known exclusive in the past salon and spa products (to lower their costs) transferred the formulations, know how, and processing to developing countries ...?
You will find the answers to these questions and solutions to many other professional concerns when you progress through our Web Site
... Skin Care Professional: Stay Secure in Era of political and economic uncertainties ...
Important and helpful to know :
The Internet and Globalization have created mass access to products that were designed to be exclusively sold at professional Salons and Spa. This new trend is forcing salons and Spas around the world to find alternative paths to compete and prosper
Traditionally, Salons and Spas were using professional (domestic and foreign) popular brand-name skin care products. Up to recent past, these brands were truly exclusive. Only professionals were able to purchase these products wholesale, and only through distribution channels designated by manufacturers. This process of distribution granted you a professional advantage and exclusiveness over products available in department and beauty-supply stores
Current global marketing developments such as the implementation of sales through the Internet have virtually eliminated this exclusivity. Inevitably, the Internet has made it possible for your loyal customers to access the brand-name product that you sell in your salon, in a much faster, more convenient, and more affordable way. The distributors that you rely on for your "exclusivity" are no longer able to control the spread of countless websites that offer consumers the identical brand-name products found previously only at professional Salons and Spas like yours
Now literally anyone can purchase retail in a Beauty Supply store or Online almost any salon brand-name product,
They are widely available on countless Internet sites
This Trend Is Already Affecting Your Business:
Diminished the professional image of your Salon;
Diminished your role as a provider of an exclusive product line;
Inevitably caused the significant decline of your product sales and customer loyalty.
You have worked hard to establish your practice. You have struggled to maintain your clientele. You have invested monetarily as well as emotionally. Now is the time to safeguard and protect your investment.
Make a smart move toward your private label
Compare RAYA® quality and prices with products you are using now
Recognize, that only promoting your own name on private label (see Options of Private Labeling) skin care and cosmetic products will protect you from having your business and profits undercut by new marketing trends.
Now, as never before, it has become necessary for Salons, Spas, Estheticians, and Dermatologists to promote their name click here on their retail and back-bar products so that they can be protected from declining customer sales and loyalty.
By establishing your name on the label, you are promoting yourself, not other existing brand-named companies, and you are securing your own business.
By buying directly from the cosmetic manufacturing company, you bypass the middle-man distribution chain and substantially cut your costs. Compare RAYA®'s prices.
In addition, by incorporating our in-salon custom blending click here techniques, you are able to customize treatments to your clients' individual needs. As a result, you are better equipped to compete in the ever-expanding and diverse skin care market.
Discover RAYA® Superior Quality and attractive prices. Compare with Brand Name Products you are using now

With Your Name on the product and our time proven European quality you are progressively securing a place for yourself in the rapidly changing market.
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Compare the Quality of RAYA® products
Compare RAYA® attractive wholesale prices
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